Don't Just Survive Under PDPM,
Thrive with PDPM Coach™️

Stop leaving reimbursement on the table and minimize compliance risk with the industry’s leading PDPM Solution.

What is Required to Thrive Under PDPM?

  • Collecting and optimizing diagnoses and conditions earlier is now absolutely critical. Waiting until the MDS is complete will reduce efficiency and reimbursement for the care you’re providing.
  • Practitioner participation and verification is paramount to maximize your reimbursements and minimize compliance risk as a system of checks and balances between your facility staff and practitioners will reduce the chance of inaccuracy and errors.
  • Patient Risk Insights. Because no two patients are alike, a Frailty Risk Score is important for guiding the provider on the appropriate plans of care to expedite recovery and promote long-term wellness.

Introducing PDPM Coach™️

PDPM Coach™️ is more than just a PDPM calculator or mapping tool for new PDPM requirements. It’s PDPM made simple, using Smart Screen technology that allows admission screeners and admitting nurses to collect much of the information the MDS Nurse will need for an accurate PDPM primary diagnosis and to complete the 5-day Admission MDS.

PDPM Coach Screen Image

Built-in diagnoses optimization, clinician-driven recommendations and real-time visibility into reimbursement and case mix index. As a result, you’ll ensure that your facilities are receiving optimal Medicare reimbursement from day one.

Do More With Less Using Smart Screen Technology

  • Our guided assessments are optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile, making gathering all the necessary documentation a breeze.
  • Admission screeners and admitting nurses can use our Smart Screen technology to collect much of the information the MDS Nurse will need for an accurate PDPM primary diagnosis and to complete the 5-day Admission MDS.
Smart Screen Assessment Example
PDPM Coach Patient Engagement Tool

Streamline Your Workflow with our Medical Team Portal

  • PDPM Coach™️ includes the use of the Medical Team Portal that follows the patient — increasing utilization and minimizing compliance risks.
  • Send secure messages to notify and engage Practitioners with condition changes and ensure the overall accuracy of your submissions, all without creating additional accounts or requiring registration.

Optimize PDPM Reimbursement with Smart Suggestions

  • PDPM is complicated. PDPM Coach™ is not. Our easy-to-use software will guide you in selecting the most applicable PDPM-relevant diagnoses so that your facility is appropriately reimbursed for the care you’re providing.
Smart Suggestions PDPM Coach Image

See Why Facilities are Raving About PDPM Coach™

  • “We feel so confident in our PDPM Compliance with PDPM Coach because we are able to get Physician participation to support our documentation.”
  • “With PDPM Coach physician engagement, we don't spend days or even weeks chasing down Doctors to get them to Verify Diagnosis and sign Medicare A certifications.”
  • “We don't know what we would have done without PDPM Coach, it has really helped our staff with proper coding and ensuring we are not leaving money on the table.”
  • “Using Patient Pattern PDPM Coach has helped us exceed our Medicare Revenue Projections by 18%.”

Consider Yourself Ready with PDPM Coach™️

The PDPM model went into effect October 1, but it’s not too late to start maximizing your facility’s potential. Say goodbye to PDPM Calculators, PDPM Mapping Tools and the complexity of these changes by saying hello to PDPM Coach™️.  Get started by joining our team for one of our regularly scheduled live demos or contact us today to schedule a private demonstration. Also, feel free to contact us at your leisure to learn more about how Patient Pattern has simplified PDPM compliance with PDPM Coach™️.

PDPM Readiness Evaluation

How comprehensive is your admission screening process?

The 5-day Admissions MDS determines the PDPM per diem rate and is markedly improved with complete, timely data from all professionals.

Do you have a process for evaluating MDS integrity?

Consider auditing current MDS accuracy. Many MDS items have been modified for PDPM calculation and the first MDS drives the per diem rate for the patient’s entire stay.

Do you have professional resources to care for clinically complex patients?

PDPM per diem rate is driven by patient characteristics requiring increased complex care – delirium, depression, functional declines, ventilators, IV therapy, etc. Professional resources must match high acuity, as measured by Case Mix Index.

What is your approach for determining Primary Diagnosis ICD-10 code?

Calculating PDPM per diem rate starts with an accurate ICD-10 code. This new requirement is not always easy for MDS nurses, yet it drives reimbursement categories. Clinician involvement upon admission will be necessary for accuracy.

How do your providers stay informed of which patients are declining in real-time?

Monitoring Frailty with Patient Pattern allows clinicians to see patients prioritized by risk of decline and/or poor outcomes.

Patient Pattern has the answer to all of these questions. Our PDPM adapted software will guide your team, improve patient outcomes, and optimize reimbursement.