The end of summer and the first days of the school year are upon us. The stores are bursting with “back to school” supplies and parents, with kids in tow, are checking their lists and filling their shopping carts with those very supplies.

One right of passage for new students in the earliest grades is the picture they create to introduce themselves to their new classmates. From photos to drawings each child represents themselves to their class and is no longer invisible but rather identifiable by name, face, interest.

One nursing home in Ohio expanded on that idea and decided to create resident recognition pages so they too would be recognized and visible, even as a new resident. The pages also inform the staff on past interests and skills of the residents. The residents are loving the opportunity to be creative and to be visible and vital once again.

The full story is written by Danielle Brown, August 27, 2019, and recorded in the link below:

Nursing home residents pose for ‘back to school’ pictures