There are many tools available to screen or measure Frailty. Some have international validation and have been used in research or at the bedside for decades. Examples of validated tools of the approximate 75 available include:

  1. Clinical Frailty Scale
  2. Edmonton Frailty Scale
  3. FRAIL
  4. Fried Phenotype
  5. Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment
  6. Prognostic Frailty Score
  7. Tilburg Frailty Indicator
  8. Strawbridge Questionnaire
  9. SHARE – FI
  10. Groningen
  11. Vulnerable Elders Survey – 13
  12. Cardiovascular Health Study
  13. Study of Osteoporotic Fractures6
Outcome Validation Patient Pattern

Outcome Validation Patient Pattern


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Blog #5 will review the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment – the tool behind our Frailty Risk Score.