A Positive Outcome From 2020

Apparently, Santa Claus prefers paper and pencil to technological advances. According to one source, he could modernize his once-a-year workload, manage resources, assess reindeer risk, and address language barriers with predictive analytics and artificial intelligence (AI). 

Among the recommendations: Use AI to sort “the naughty from the nice” and wearable technology on the reindeer to monitor heart rate and temperature and identify which reindeer are in top form and which need rest (fit or frail). But as legend and history tell us, that’s not Santa’s style (though the pandemic seems to have resulted in making beards more popular again).

Santa Could Take a Page from Healthcare

While Santa’s been bogged down by paperwork this year, healthcare has made good use of technology. Thanks in part to the pandemic, health technology (IT) and AI adoption skyrocketed in 2020 as hospitals, health systems, and patients increasingly relied on digital health technologies for care delivery during the pandemic, setting the stage for continued growth and innovation in 2021. 

Several advances in technology resonate with our work at Patient Pattern:

  • Machine learning informed our predictive tools estimating patient COVID-19 risk
  • Data-gathering and reporting increased to identify the frailest to focus care
  • Point of care assessments and analytic insights evolved for bedside use
  • Analytics enabled proactive managed care to reduce avoidable hospitalization
  • Integration with more electronic health record companies eased use for facilities
  • Refinement of frailty assessment to identify subclinical, impactful changes

Santa and Healthcare Professionals Agree

Despite our different approaches, we are not that far apart from Santa in our goals and objectives. We all want people to be happy and healthy. He brings presents to spread happiness. We continue to offer solutions to improve health and quality of life for our patients. 

While the world waits for the pandemic to end and global vaccinations to be accomplished, the need for good care continues. We want the healthcare world to consider all the digital solutions available to them and adopt those that will optimize their workflow and benefit those in their care. Let’s continue the advances in healthcare technology with even more innovations and solutions that benefit patients, caregivers, and institutions.