October 1, 2019 is fast approaching and on that day the Patient Driven Payment Model will be implemented. By now most facilities have heard of PDPM, some have begun to plan for the changes, and some are reading every PDPM document they can find. It is NOT time to panic but it is certainly time to plan and read and listen to the available webinars. Knowledge is power and that is what is needed now to survive and thrive.

One CEO predicts: Under PDPM therapy cost will decline for providers of between 10% to 15% amid the rise of group and concurrent therapy. While providers can only provide 25% of residents’ therapy hours under the new model, many companies have indicated that the current proportion sits below 1% — and with therapy no longer driving Medicare reimbursements, the cost-saving potential could be significant.

“We effectively will be allowed to provide therapy with more cost-effective, equally efficacious modalities such as group and concurrent therapy,” Hager said. Alex Spanko, Skilled Nursing News, March 12, 2019