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Since therapy no longer drives Medicare A reimbursement should skilled nursing facilities cut their therapy staff?

Almost 93% of all RUGS-IV is based upon rehabilitation RUGs. CMS has reported that they will continue to document therapy minutes on each patient’s MDS. Also, therapy staffing levels are captured on Payroll Based Journal. CMS has warned that if there are decreases in therapy services, SNFs will be audited. Therapy remains a part of the interdisciplinary team and will continue to be integral towards discharging patients to a lower level of care and avoiding re-hospitalizations. For the last 20 years, rehabilitation has served as one of the main decisions in getting patients to place their loved ones in a nursing home. SNFs need to be avoid radically changing the way in which therapy services are provided because this will ultimately have an impact on your patients or customers.

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PDPM Update: Therapy Services: What is Changing, What is Staying the Same?
Dan Ciolek
April 2019