One week – 7days – not much time at all!  We will be living in the new payment model and we will soon see how our planning has prepared us for the monumental changes in reimbursement and all the team effort needed to master the model and not leave money on the table. Some facilities are feeling well prepared and confident their workflow changes with go smoothly. Others remain in panic mode, turning to every available webinar and hoping it will all come together – and it usually does.The question of how PDPM will impact reimbursement, compared to RUGS IV, is a very legitimate concern and any steps yet to be taken, to avoid an unnecessary loss of revenue, should be taken.

Most media is designed to get our attention and instill more panic in the marketplace and so when I read this article yesterday it seemed like a nice balance and so I include the link here.

Patrick Connole, Provider 9.23.19