Free thanksgiving clipart turkey. Cartoon images pictures pngIt will soon be Thanksgiving week and at some point during the week we will be encouraged to pause and give thanks. Those of us in long term care will be thankful if everyone gets their requested time off and no one calls in sick. We will also be thankful when our residents have friends and families come to visit over the holidays and when the planned activities bring a smile to residents’ faces.

These expressions of gratitude are relatively easy and we sail through them at every holiday. What we are not familiar with, and perhaps not even sure of our outcomes, revolves around PDPM and whether our per diem rates are better than expected or not good at all. Should we be thankful yet for PDPM? The feedback, so far, is quite mixed and the overall consensus seems to be that those who prepared and those who are learning from mistakes are doing better than anticipated. Identifying the “Primary Diagnosis” and capturing all the “Active Secondary Diagnoses” remains problematic for many and inaccuracy and incompleteness here does open the door to leaving reimbursement on the table.

If you are not yet ready to be thankful and if you have not received any official feedback you may benefit from reading the article by James Berklan in McKnights Daily News, November 20, 2019, referenced below:

PDPM numbers after a month: looking good

Let’s be thankful professionals.