Haley Bubley

UI Developer

I believe web design is the integration of personality, design, and functionality. Art, design, and rhetoric are the framework of my person; Endlessly reinventing basic concepts into stand out works.

Through a scenic, hands-on journey, I have ventured through life in search of experience. I lived in Israel for two years, I worked with CAD in the engineering field, I spent time as a preschool teacher and a vet tech, and through these ventures found myself. I learned that I need challenges and I need hard problems to solve. This self-awareness, self-awareness I had worked hard for, is something I value. I feel lucky, grateful even, to feel this emphatically for the software engineering field and the absolute fulfillment it offers me.

I do not fear failure. I believe to learn and understand something, you must fail. This methodology and practice have drastically bolstered my resilience. I do not give up when presented with an obstacle, rather, I embrace it and find any opportunities for growth along the way.