PATIENT PATTERN: Frailty-Based Clinical Decision Support

Care Transitions

Improve care transitions and discharge or admission planning with evidence-based, standardized Frailty Risk assessments


Quickly Understand Patient Fitness and Readmission Risk

Improve the hospital and PAC relationship with a deeper understanding of patients and their underlying risk of readmission.

  • Conduct objective Frailty assessments on care transitions

  • Understand risk factors that trigger rehospitalizations

  • Uncover underlying physiological vulnerabilities

  • Transfer with geriatrician-designed care plans


Get Started Screening New Patients

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Assess New Referrals at Hospital

  • No clinical expertise needed
  • Web-based Smart Survey
  • Use Tablet, Smartphone, PC

Risk Stratify Patients

  • View Frailty Score and Care Recommendations
  • Monitor Frailty Trends by also Scoring MDS'
  • Improve patient care outcomes
  • Lower hospital readmissions

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