PATIENT PATTERN: Frailty-Based Clinical Decision Support

Frailty Risk Scoring Software

Patient Pattern enables clinical decision support leveraging our Frailty Risk scoring algorithm - to improve patient outcomes in your care setting.


Instantly Convert MDS Data into Frailty Risk Scores

LivePAC software uses your existing MDS or patient assessment data to produce a Frailty Risk Score and deliver trends, patient risks and care insights you need to proactively improve geriatric care, patient outcomes and your quality ratings.

Improve Care Transitions with Frailty-Based Screens

Patient Patterns Care Transitions software uses a short patient assessment to produce a Frailty Risk Score to guide you in placement decisions and care plans.

Easily Implemented Software

LivePAC software is ready to go in just minutes - so we can focus on training your clinicians.

Integrated Workflows for your Facility

Connect Frailty Risk scoring into your EHR or other patient care system.

Ready to start improving patient outcomes and quality?