Analytics Are a Start

Patient Pattern helps you takes the next steps to identify, manage and  communicate patient risk across care settings. Improve outcomes, optimize documentation, maximize reimbursement and gain valuable insights.


Frailty is a comprehensive measure of true physiological age, is the number one predictor of risk for poor outcomes. Our validated frailty index is at the core of all of our products.

Identify Frailty With Patient Pattern

Live Analytics

Focus often limited resources on those most at risk for bad outcomes before they occur. Our Live Analytics identify opportunities for improvement in real time, tracking quality metrics and analyzing frailty-based risk.

Bedside Tools

Automated clinical alerts, patient care maps and real-time health risk assessments tell the patient’s whole story. Avoid bad outcomes where possible, stay alerted to changes in condition and help communicate with loved ones in a way they understand.

MDS Audit

Patient Pattern gives MDS Coordinators new insight into their data. Quickly clinically audit MDS by identifying those patients triggering quality measures and reviewing accuracy and exclusions before submitting to CMS.

Quality Pays

States like California, New York, and Texas are putting their money where the quality is. If you participate in QASP, NHQI, or QIPP, Patient Pattern can show you where you stand right now and where to focus.

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