Is your facility ready for PDPM?

Be PDPM Smart,
with PDPM Coach™️

Spend countless hours and resources mastering the new Patient Driven Payment Model or let our software do it for you.

Are you prepared?

With PDPM Coach™️, you can be ready.  Our software allows our customers to seamlessly integrate the Patient Driven Payment Model into their workflow before PDPM regulations go into effect. As an added benefit, you’ll also be improving the quality of patient care and communication throughout your facility.

PDPM Patient Driven Payment Model

Streamline your processes.

PDPM Coach™️ is more than just a PDPM calculator or charting tool for new PDPM requirements. It’s PDPM made simple, using Smart Screen technology that allows admission screeners and admitting nurses to collect much of the information the MDS Nurse will need for an accurate PDPM primary diagnosis and to complete the 5-day Admission MDS.

PDPM Coach Screen Image

Consider your facility ready with PDPM Coach™️

PDPM is here but it’s not too late, you can be prepared for PDPM and start improving your facility’s quality measures with our software today.

PDPM preparedness and so much more.

Live Analytics encourages leaders within your group to keep a close eye on Quality Measures and improves the accuracy of your documentation. Since the data is presented in real time, providers can see which patients are currently triggering quality outcomes and decide if and how the situation can be mitigated.

Patient Pattern also makes it easy to assess for a change in condition by monitoring the Frailty Risk Score. There’s no other software on the market that specifically addresses the way PDPM will affect every single department in PAC.  Join one of our demos to learn more or contact us today.