We have heard from many professionals from across the country, at conferences or in our webinars, and we hear much the same from everyone. Whether a facility was well prepared for PDPM or not, whether they have a PDPM “Champion” leading the team, whether they have a large number of Medicare Part A admissions or not, we hear the same basic comments about PDPM. So after a month of PDPM these are the most frequent comments we hear: 

        • Hospitals do not provide enough information
        • Doctors and APPs are not engaged
        • Our communication workflow is inefficient
        • It is hard to determine the “Primary Diagnosis”
        • Our EHR is ineffective for PDPM
        • Increased medical documentation takes time
        • There is a learning curve for the facilities & providers

If you would have given the same feedback likely something is missing from your PDPM workflow processes. Perhaps your professionals need more training, or your medical providers should become more engaged, or your current EHR would benefit from an additional software solution to guide the admission screening or assessment competency or the MDS completion process. Each of these steps are important for mastering the PDPM model.

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