Know Your Quintile? We Do.

Do you know where you stand?

  • What will your reimbursement be next year? Will you be reimbursed – or penalized? Have you budgeted accordingly?
  • Facilities will be placed in one of five quintiles based on complex new metrics that now measure the quality of care. Top two facilities are rewarded. Bottom two will be penalized up to 4% of daily Medicaid rates.
  • Most facilities have $1 Million/year at risk with this new program.

Do you qualify?

  • Maximize your reimbursement by unlocking the power of your MDS data with Patient Pattern. With us, you can take control of your financial future.
  • Patient Pattern’s software tracks the exact quality metrics used by CMS and NYS NHQI to analyze and determine reimbursement dollars – in real time. Our customers can retain up to $1 Million/per facility/year.

Know Your Quintile, Know Where You Stand – with Patient Pattern.

Contact us now to get a free NHQI report to compare your projected financial impact to other facilities in your area.