Many of you are making New Years’ resoultions today. Some of you will resolve to workout, lose weight, and become more fit. You will be in good company and if you go to a gym this week you will see the throngs of people, wearing flashy, new outfits, and starting on their resolution. IF YOU return to the gym in early February most of the January crowd will have fallen away. You apparently have not perhaps by now your tenacity is impacting some aspect of your health and life. Congratulations and keep moving forward!

If you make New Years’ resolutions in your professional life there is a new Medicare payment model coming, change of which we have not seen in many decades, and you and your team may want to resolve to master the model! There is much to learn about the Patient Driven Payment Model and all professionals in your facility will have to make changes in their current clinical and/or administrative practices. Each member of your professional team must be educated and engaged to give your facilty the best chance of staying commited to this resolution.

My New Year’s resolution is to help you and your facility master PDPM and like some of you, I will keep going to the gym!

Happy New Year – 2019 – another year of change.