Automate Your Medicare Certification Process with Patient Pattern.

Track, sign and submit with the click of a button.

Send Medicare Certifications

With Patient Pattern, spend less time chasing down Physicians and more time offering world-class care to patients and residents. Send certifications with one click and easily export for documentation purposes.

Electronically Sign

Providers can easily sign Certifications at their own pace electronically from their existing mobile device. No extra accounts or additional logins required.

Keep Track of all Certifications

Track all incoming and outgoing Certifications and upcoming deadlines in one place. Easily see which buildings, units and providers are your top performers.

Track Medicare Certifications Screenshot

See Why Facilities are Raving About Patient Pattern

  • “We feel so confident in our PDPM Compliance with PDPM Coach because we are able to get Physician participation to support our documentation.”
  • “With PDPM Coach physician engagement, we don't spend days or even weeks chasing down Doctors to get them to Verify Diagnosis and sign Medicare A certifications.”
  • “We don't know what we would have done without PDPM Coach, it has really helped our staff with proper coding and ensuring we are not leaving money on the table.”
  • “Using Patient Pattern PDPM Coach has helped us exceed our Medicare Revenue Projections by 18%.”

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