In our recent PDPM webinars, It Takes a Village, we presented the “Dangers – Pitfalls within PDPM”, new responsibilities for Medical Directors, and the responsibilities to communicate and document by discipline. Since the PDPM per diem rate will in most instances be set based on the 5-day Admission MDS it is imperative for all disciplines to discuss their initial assessments and document accurate, comprehensive, precise, and on time medical records. There are required assessments to complete and the facility needs a clear plan:


Who will be assigned to complete these assessments? Are they familiar with the assessments? Do they know the time frame for completion?


Pre-Admission Screener



  • Update screening forms & processes to be PDPM compatible

  • “Usual” processes are rarely enough

  • Capture all the patient characteristics, clinical complexity, function & mood

  • Timeliness required

  • Must demonstrate medical necessity for care

  • Identify what will be done for the patient