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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Frailty?

Frailty is a measurement of risk, one important part of a health risk assessment. Similar to a blood test for cholesterol or sugar, it identifies a clinical fact to consider. It differs from a blood test because it identifies your degree of risk and ability to respond to infections and other stressors. From validated international research we know that frailty predicts poor outcomes better than age or diagnosis. Frailty is the best predictor of risk because it is non-discriminatory against individuals with a disability, making it objective and impartial.

Who is this assessment designed for?

The Frailty Risk Assessment is designed for anyone curious to understand their current health or someone they are caring for’s health status in order to manage, improve and participate in decisions regarding their future healthcare.

Why is the assessment important?

The frailty risk assessment is important because frailty can be slowed and even reversed and this would help someone remain at home longer and maintain their quality of life.

What do the results of this assessment mean?

The Frailty Risk, calculated from the assessment answers, increases as more help is needed with every day activities, and as frailty increases so does the risk for infection, complications, slow recovery, and other poor outcomes. The True Age compares your Frailty Risk with usual degree of frailty in a healthy population of the same age. So if your True Age is much higher than your chronological age it would be important to take steps to address your risk to improve your health status as much as possible. If your True Age is much lower than your chronological age it would be important to understand how to continue to be healthy and more fit than many your age.

Patient Pattern’s Frailty Risk Assessment tool was designed based on internationally-validated principles of frailty. These assessments are not intended to replace medical advice and are offered for your consideration and informational purposes only.

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