What is Frailty?

Frailty is a clinical syndrome of loses across multiple body systems and as frailty increases so does the risk for the bad outcomes we all want to avoid.

Frailty Risk Score

The Frailty Risk Score predicts the degree of risk for adverse outcomes and is better than age or diagnosis to determine the benefit or harm of a specific treatment for a patient. It helps frame communications around care planning, supports resource utilization, and identifies the most appropriate setting for rehab and recovery.

Evidence-Based and Validated

The Frailty Index has been internationally validated over the last 30 years being widely adopted in Australia and China and now even mandated in Canada and UK. We have now optimized and automated the Frailty Index for over 2 million patients in the United States across care settings with an 89% confidence in predictive value.

The Frailty Risk Experts

Our team has a combined 40 years of experience researching and developing the operationalization of the frailty index in the United States and Canada.  Combining experts in complex patient care and technology affords us a unique perspective on measuring and managing patient risk within today’s workflows

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