PDPM Admission Checklist items to consider.

Screening patients for admission for a Part A Medicare stay takes on new meaning under PDPM. Consider this – the per diem reimbursement rate for this short stay is determined on the basis of one MDS, completed by day 5, and requiring considerably more MDS information than in the past. The questions in the box are but a few of these MDS questions AND they are questions easily answered during the screening for admission process. Considering these questions as part of the admission information gathering process not only provides required data for the 5-day MDS but valuable transitional care information. Understanding the needs of the arriving patient improves the quality of the transition and helps to prevent adverse outcomes arising from lack of available information for the first hours of care. NO ONE wants to spend more time on the screening/admission process but there is value in reviewing your current admission process and considering if this is one area where change is required to accommodate the new expectations if PDPM.