Related image This blog is intended to present positive and pleasant stories about life in an Assisted Living or a Nursing Home setting. Enjoyable activities go on every day but are not often recognized even while a negative event will likely be broadcast or shared in other ways. Giving a shout out for the happy times and the hard work of activity directors is one reason for this blog. Enjoy the stories and if you have a loved one in one of these settings consider how you might add to their pleasure in some small way.

SO, the second week in September is a time set aside to celebrate the many assisted living facilities across the country and all the wonderful services they provide for the adults who live there. One innovative facility in Rhode Island planned a week of activities starting with a Grandparents’ Sunday brunch served by their Executive Chef to the residents and their extended families. Several musicians provided music and many volunteers were on hand to make sure everyone had a full plate and a lot of fun. Other activities throughout the week focused on art, crafts, foods from several countries and reminiscing. The link to the full story is below:,145422

Pete Fontaine, September 12, 2019