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Care Coach™ gives your team easy to use tools to successfully manage your MLR.

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Patient Pattern works with Medicare Advantage plans to:

Reduce Your APK
We’re helping our partners achieve under 200 admissions per thousand.
Improve HCC Coding
Simple, user-friendly tools for prospective coding accuracy.
Reduce Pharmacy Spend
Outcome-driven polypharmacy reduction.

“Before Patient Pattern, we used a different software product, but it didn’t have the power and flexibility we needed.”

Automated Health Risk Assessments

Automate the HRA process using data you’re already collecting via our APIs or available integrations. This allows your clinical team to focus on what really matters: offering world-class care.

Population Healthy Aging Chart Example Image

Frailty-Driven, Person-Centered Care

Using claims, ICD-10, and lab data as risk analytics misses the mark for high-cost frail patients. Our clinically-validated Frailty Risk Score serves as a better predictor of outcomes than traditional risk-stratification methods.

Prospective Coding & Documentation

Realize peace-of-mind with prospective HCC coding, accurately align revenue with risk while decreasing unnecessary admissions to the hospital.
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Software your clinicians actually want to use.

Your workflow integration needs to be smooth and seamless, and that’s our highest priority.

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