Butterflies in flight. Colorful tropical butterfly decorative elements on white for design, vector illustration Anyone who has visited a nursing home, worked in one, or experienced a stay knows there are a lot of rules, do’s and don’ts, structure, and restraint. The “sameness” of each facility is apparent and the lack of freedom always presented as being necessary for safety, order, best practice, government mandate, etc. Having worked in long-term care for decades I have seen many approaches to changing the atmosphere and restrictions come and go but I remain hopeful that in time the nursing home industry will “get it right” – based on what the residents might enjoy and thrive in too.

And so…I was delighted to read about a culture change and concept of care I had not yet experienced. “Butterfly care for dementia”, an approach with far fewer rules, more freedoms, and much color is currently offered in several countries, including Canada, and the link below describes the approach at a nursing care center in Mississauga, Ontario. Enjoy the article and think about how such a culture change would enhance the quality of care for the residents.

'We have to change the culture first' — Glebe Centre adopts butterfly care for dementia

Joanne Laucius, 9.24.19