Frailty, its meaning, impact, and prevalence, is the focus of this blog. Understanding the risks facing our patients as their frailty increases has been emphasized. Knowing this risk should lead us, as clinicians, to be proactive in trying to prevent adverse outcomes, to communicate the risk with families to avoid surprises if those outcomes occur, and sometimes to discuss end-of-life issues and offer palliative, hospice, or full comfort care.

Palliative Care is a concept poorly understood and often misinterpreted as a “recommendation to stop care”. This is a misunderstanding we need to correct for there is much “CARE” offered in palliative care, without any need to stop curative care that is being provided. A recent, helpful article on palliative care can serve as new information or a refresher for all of us who care for frail and vulnerable patients.

Care along the path to a cure by Leslie Friedel, July 14, 2019.