A Paradigm Shift in Post-Acute Care by Karl Steinberg MD, CMD, HMDC

Caring for the Ages. January/February 2019. Vol 20, No 1.

October 1, 2019, is getting closer and more nursing facilities are scrambling to get prepared for the changes under the Patient Driven Payment Model (PDPM). In Dr. Steinburg’s article, he approaches the changing climate with a positive yet realistic picture of the monumental changes involved. While therapy will not drive reimbursement there is no reason to expect residents will not receive the therapies appropriate to their condition and rehabilitative needs.


PDPM will be better at capturing the characteristics of some of our sickest residents and their medical complexity will be reimbursed if assessed, documented and substantiated.



The American Medical Directors Association is in support of its members and their increased responsibilities toward patient documentation and facility reimbursement. The AMDA Society would like to see “more robust categorization of some resident characteristics, including those pertaining to frailty and dementia…. Both conditions contribute significantly to morbidity, level of assistance required, and costs of medical care.”


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