Leveraging frailty driven solutions to improve clinical and financial outcomes.

Patient Pattern software improves outcomes by helping healthcare professionals identify, stratify and communicate patient risk across all facilities and care settings to

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Thrive Under PDPM with PDPM Coach™

Stop leaving money on the table and reduce your compliance risk with Patient Pattern’s all-in-one PDPM solution, PDPM Coach™. Our average customer sees an additional 20.3% reimbursement revenue.

Built-in diagnoses optimization, clinician-driven recommendations and real-time visibility into reimbursement and case mix index.

The Source of Truth about Your Patients and Their Risk

Using claims, ICD-10, and lab data as risk analytics misses the mark for high-cost frail patients. Identify trends in patients’ risk across the care continuum and get alerted to changes in condition. Generate comprehensive care plans with our easy-to-use tools, optimized for each setting. Set patient and family expectations early to help avoid hospitalization.

Improve Quality of Patient Care and Clinical Outcomes

Our clinical tools improve quality of patient care and outcomes by providing real-time frailty risk-based care planning.

Avoid bad outcomes where possible, stay alerted to changes in condition and set expectations with loved ones in a way they understand.

Technology That Doesn't Get In The Way

Patient Pattern’s tools fit seamlessly into your existing workflow through integrations with several popular software vendors or through our easy to use web application.

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Our Team

We are a group of geriatric care providers, technologists, health economists, data scientists and industry compliance experts that have been working to bridge the gap between technology and complex health care.

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